ContiTech United Kingdom Ltd.

ContiTech in UK

Diversification is one of ContiTech UK's strengths. Based in the Midlands city of Rugby, our team represents most of the ContiTech business units and is perfectly situated geographically for servicing all of the markets in the UK.

Whereas we were serving mainly automotive industry customers up until just a few years ago, around forty percent of our customers now come from non-automotive industries. We also support the markets in Ireland.

Our sales focal points

Air Spring Systems

  • Original Equipment (bus, trailer and passenger cars)
  • Railway Engineering
  • Industrial Applications
  • Seat, Driver Cab
  • Aftermarket

Conveyor Belt Group

  • Industry
  • Engineered Products

Elastomer Coatings

  • Printing Blankets
  • Coated Fabrics
  • Diaphragm Materials
  • Industrial Products

Vibration Control

  • Automotive
  • Industrial Components
  • Precision parts for steering and braking

Benecke-Kaliko Group

  • Automotive Interiors

ContiTech United Kingdom Ltd. – Chestnut Field House, Rugby

ContiTech United Kingdom Ltd.
Chestnut Field House, Rugby